BHIK Newsletter volume IV

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Founder's Corner

Dear friends, donors, sponsors and benefactors,

Greetings from St. Patrick Primary School in Rwakiruri, Isingiro-Uganda and from me.

I am happy to update you on the status of our school as follows:

2020 school year update
Due to the continuous global pandemic of Covid-19, it is most likely that the 2020 school year will be a "dead year." We now have very many cases of infected people both symptomatic and asymptomatic and this makes it too risky to open schools.

Teacher's living quarters update:
We project to finish this by mid-September because now we have reached nearly 85% completion.

Upcoming third phase work on completion of the dormitories and perimeter wall:
Nothing is being done currently, but I have notified the contractors to be ready in two weeks to come and complete the second floor (third level) of the dormitories.

The work on the Perimeter Wall is expected to start around September 20, pending the availability of funds. We will make a foundation of hard core stone and bricks, then use cement concrete blocks on top. It will be about 9 to 10 feet high.

Allow me to extend our gratitude to our donors and benefactors who have enabled us to continue construction despite the Covid -19 pandemic, and a special thanks to all the new sponsors for students this year.

May the Lord reward you abundantly. Be assured of our continued prayers and together we pray for the healing of our world from the Covid-19 pandemic and return to normalcy. Sincerely,

Fr. Julius Turyatoranwa (PhD)

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