It began

with a dream

Fr. Julius Turyatoranwa, the founder of St. Patrick Nursery & Primary School, has been inspired by his humble beginnings as a child born in Uganda, in generational poverty. He is one of ten siblings, three of whom dropped out of school to enable Julius to have tuition for seminary high school. His dream has been to give back, to enable Ugandan children of similar backgrounds to become inventors and innovators by providing them a quality education. While earning his PhD in Educational Administration at Illinois State University, Fr. Julius also worked on obtaining land to be the site of a premier boarding school in Uganda.

From dream to Reality

Fr. Julius shared his dream for the school with friends in Central Illinois, especially at the parishes he was serving: St. Patrick Church in Washington and St. Monica Church in East Peoria. Fundraisers were organized, and donations started to add up - - enough to begin the project.   In late 2017 the school site was cleared. In 2018, with thousands of bricks made by hand, all of the Phase 1 buildings were constructed.  In February 2019, over 300 students began classes in the brand new school. 

At the start of the 2020 school year, there were 528 students enrolled: 273 boarding students; 158 sponsored by people throughout the U.S.  

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, all schools in Uganda were shut down; students were sent home in March 2020. However, on October 15th, primary schools in Uganda were opened for P7 (7th grade) students, so they could finish their school year and prepare for the national advancement test, "Primary Leaving Exams" (PLE). Support staff, the P7 teachers and administrators, and our P7 students are once more on campus, working hard. It is anticipated our 25 P7 students will take their exams in March 2021.

All of this has been achieved thanks to the kind generosity of so many supporters, and the grace of God, who constantly surprises us with His blessings.


Building Hope in Kids - Uganda (BHIK-U) was Incorporated as a nonprofit in April 2017, and received its 501(c)(3) approval in December 2017. BHIK-U is dedicated to building and supporting "St. Patrick Nursery & Primary School, Day & Boarding" in Uganda. 

The school's mission

• Breaking the cycle of generational poverty 
• Giving children hope for better lives
• Nourishing the body, mind and soul of every student