BHIK Newsletter volume VI, Issue 6

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Dear benefactors, donors and friends of St. Patrick Nursery and Primary School in Uganda.

Greetings and love to you all. I am happy to update you on the happenings here in Uganda and at our school as follows.

Churches were reopened in September and I and my two parochial vicars are now fully engaged in pastoral ministry in our parish Christ the King in Rukungiri in the diocese of Kabale. We have 22 mission churches and this keeps us very busy. The Covid 19 situation is not bad now. Infections are very minimal and very few people are in hospital.

Tertiary institutions (universities and colleges) were reopened at the beginning of November but primary and secondary schools are still closed until January of 2022. We are ready and prepared to receive students back to school as soon as the government allows us to do so.

During the lockdown some members of the administration team (the headmaster, the bursar and the facilities manager) remained at school. We also have security staff (two of them) and two maintenance guys to take care of the place.

Construction of the school auditorium is in advanced stages. We are also currently building additional teacher's living quarters. Both structures are projected to be completed around the end of January 2022.

Allow me extend our gratitude to you all for your unending support over the years. Thank you particularly for your donations during my most recent visit to the US this past August - September 2021. We cannot thank you enough. May God reward you abundantly for your love and generosity.

As we come to the close of the year, let me use the opportunity to wish you good health, a very Merry Christmas, a successful completion of the year AND a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2022.


Fr. Julius Turyatoranwa (PhD)


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