BHIK Newsletter volume VI, Issue 5

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Greetings from Uganda and from me to all of you, our benefactors, sponsors, well wishers and friends.

First of all I want to thank God who gave me a safe journey to and from USA from August 6th when I arrived to September 12th when I started my long journey (two days) back to Uganda. It was such an amazing reunion with majority of my friends over the years. Thanks to many of you that invited me to your houses for fellowship.

I was also very happy to be able to celebrate many Masses and reconnect with many parishioners where I worked when I lived there.

Thank you so much for the many donations you made to the school and thank you to those who gave me personal gifts.

I returned safely and spent a couple of days at school before proceeding to my parish. Nothing much is happening at school since schools continue to be closed because of COVID-19. The latest is that places of worship have been reopened but schools will continue to be closed and eventually reopen in a staggered way. Universities and tertiary institutions will reopen in November of 2021. Primary and secondary schools will reopen in January 2022. Information we have now is that all students will be promoted to the next class (for Primary and Secondary schools) and use the first 10 weeks to cover curriculum of the previous classes. Please keep our students in prayers because they have lost so much.

Thank you all for your support over the years for our school. May the Lord continue to bless you and your dear ones for your generosity.


Fr. Julius Turyatoranwa (PhD)


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