BHIK Newsletter - March 2022

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Greetings from Uganda and from our school St. Patrick to all of you, our esteemed readers.

Am happy to inform you that schools reopened on January 10th, 2022 after almost two years of closure due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

School is moving smoothly. We have all the teachers we needed to hire (total 41 teachers) and slightly over 800 students. Both the former and new students and teachers have formed a new community albeit not without challenges. We had to secure so many start up items like furniture for classrooms and dormitories and the dining hall. Thanks to our donors for the support.

We have at times had inadequate water and we occasionally had to have water hauled in. The school has gained much popularity and the increased enrollment warranted us to increase the staff, the food portions and other necessities in same proportions. Other challenges included need for extra accomodation for teachers, and bussing program for day students became more cumbersome but we are managing it.

We are grateful to God that since the reopening both our students and staff are healthy. Keep us in your prayers that this remains so and the students can catch up on their school lost time without further interruptions.

You're also in our prayers. We wish you many choice blessings.


Fr. Julius Turyatoranwa (PhD)


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