A Time for Thanks

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At this time of the year many families gather to share a meal (or maybe a feast) and give thanks for our Faith, our country, our many blessings.

I looked at the Catholic Mass prayers for Thanksgiving Day, and had to smile at the reading from the Book of Daniel, "... Frost and chill, bless the Lord... Ice and snow, bless the Lord..." Ahh, yes, a reminder that the trees now losing their blazing gold and crimson will eventually be blanketed in white. 

Further on, the "Prayer over the Offerings" begins, "God our Father, from whose hand we have received generous gifts so that we might learn to share your blessings in gratitude..."   This prayer suggests that sharing our blessings is the real lesson of God's generosity, and the way to show Him our gratitude. 

Well, obviously you have learned that lesson - - YOU have shared your blessings with your generous donations and sponsorships for children and the school in Uganda. Well done, all you students of the Lord!