What's red and white and a mystery to this writer?

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It's just one of MANY collector's cars at the BHIK-U Garage Sale this month! A "serious collector" built quite a collection of die cast 1/24 scale vintage vehicles over the years. His estate has donated them to BHIK-U for our annual Garage Sale. It's your opportunity to get a unique gift or conversation piece! (Father's Day is coming up quickly...)

Of course, there are plenty of other items - - from antiques to furniture, jewelry to tools, and almost everything in between! (except clothes)

Sale info: located at 107 N. Elm Street in Washington, Illinois.

  • Thursday, June 8th (4-6pm)
  • Friday, June 9th (8-4)
  • Saturday, June 10th (8-1)

All proceeds go to BHIK-U for St. Patrick Boarding School in Uganda.