BHIK Newsletter - June 2022

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Greetings to all of you our esteemed readers.

We are happy to update you about our school.

We ended the first term successfully and we started second term on May 9th. The total number of both day and boarding students now stands at 820. We have 40 teaching staff and 30 support staff.

As part of the capital development we are now working on the sports fields and paving (using concrete and pavers) the inside roads and pathways within the school. We only had a soccer field for the boys but now we are trying to add volleyball, netball and basketball playgrounds. Our hope is that the construction will be completed in about three months (hopefully by mid August). We will need a lot of irrigation around this time because the dry season is coming (June to end of August). We plan to have room for fans along the edges of the play areas. We will have a chain link fence around the play grounds.

We are also planning to pave the road going to the kitchen for supplies while the walk ways to the dormitories and classrooms will mostly be paved plaza-type pavers.

We plan to have some trees and shrubs planted in the compound for both shelter and fruits (mainly avocado for improving nutrition).

We have done landscaping around the auditorium and hope to use part of this area as a prayer garden while another area will be paved.

Another near future plan is to get one room in the main classroom block and make it a library (furnished with seats and enough books) mainly for the older pupils.

We are glad to also update you that we are in touch with a few of our sponsored graduates who joined Secondary and they are doing very well academically. We support four (with tuition) and all of them performed excellently in their first term of high school. Apart from these being sponsored nothing much is known about the rest of our graduates (but information can be secured since the school has contacts of the parents). Thank you for all your support in helping us realize our dream.

You are always in our prayers and together we can continue to build hope in these children.

Choice blessings.

Fr. Julius Turyatoranwa (PhD)


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